National Mentor Program

Fashion Future – National Mentor Program and Business seminars-history of up skilling fashion industry

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Emerging Talent

Business Skills Gap in Fashion Industry Fashion.

Fashion Future is connected with a Registered Training organisation to provide online Business Management qualifications.

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Global Mentor Program

The MENTOR PROGRAM PHILOSOPHYis fair and equal GLOBAL career, business skills and professional development experiences, internships and MENTOR opportunities whilst mitigating the issues of distance.

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Emerging Talent

Fashion Future is a talent management portal for the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industry.  The core business is strategic recruitment and our unique point of difference is access to GLOBAL talent. 

Fashion Future also focuses on business operations, mentoring and business consulting to facilitate career, professional development and streamlined business models. Fashion Future’s business objective is to increase Industry Business Intelligence viasupporting the BUSINESS of FASHION.

Fashion Future’s recently launched Global MENTOR Program objective is to support the up skilling of business talent within the creative industry particularly for emerging talent.

The Challenge:    Business Skills Gap in Fashion Industry

Aligned with the :  Manufacturing SKILLs Report: Textile Clothing & Footwear-Fashion Future aims to strengthen the Australian skills base by assisting more people gain higher BUSINESS Management qualifications .

Next Steps…

If you are interested in Fashion Business Coaching or Accredited Qualifications contact us here for further enquiries