Our Approach

Fashion Future Objective:

  1. Provide Online Business Management Qualifications to support the Fashion and creative Industry
  2. To deliver National Accredited Business Courses
  3. Facilitate enrolments into www.GlobalBusinessTrainer.edu.au
  4.  Increase business up skilling within the creative Industry
  5. Increase Australian emerging talent Global Foot Print
  6. Increase the ‘GLOBAL’ business skills development for the Creative industries

Our Story

The purposes of the Fashion Future RTO www.Global BusinessTrainer.edu.au is to develop and Academy of GLOBAL Business and Creative Innovation and to establish a framework to help provide fundamental Global business skills and best practices based on Global experiences. 

The benefit is implementation of these best practices in Australia will increase productivity and enables sustainable career and business models. Consequently, creating a more efficient creative industry and reducing associated industry wastage costs.

Meet the Team

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Timothy Barrett



Next Steps…

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